As the interface between man and machine, we deliberately decided early on against using classic modular systems from PLC manufacturers, as far as the hardware allowed. Instead, we developed our own PC-based user interfaces, which we continue to develop further.

Over time, this has resulted in a standard that we can adapt to any customer requirement. The software not only enables intuitive operation, but also the integration of further functions to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Excerpt of functions integrated so far

Excerpt of functions integrated so far

  • Development of drilling and cutting optimizers

    • We offer solutions that generate optimal drilling and cutting patterns for various applications. This allows production processes to be made more efficient and material to be saved.
  • Generation of milling programs (G-code):
  • Programming of host computer systems
  • Plant-specific tool and article management with graphical display
  • Interfaces to higher-level databases and production control computers
  • Intuitive operator guidance for fault messages

    • Clear instructions and visual support allow operators to respond quickly to problems and minimize downtime.
  • Circuit diagram integration with automatic search function

    • In addition to a search function and manual navigation, the operator is shown the schematic page associated with the error message, if possible.
Special solutions

Special solutions

Do you need a function that we have not yet integrated?

No problem, our team of developers will work out a solution together with you to realize your wishes.