Engineering & Electrical Design

Engineering & Electrical Design

Engineering & Electrical Design

We take over the entire electrotechnical planning. Thus, we also support you in the first step with the selection of the required components. Subsequently, a circuit diagram is created in close cooperation with our customers, which complies with the relevant standards and all specifications of the client and/or end customer (specification sheet). Whether it is the selection of components or the marking standard, either you leave the selection to us or we fully adapt to your specifications.

Of course, we also subsequently undertake the evaluation of safety-relevant components in accordance with the Machinery Directive and DIN EN ISO 13849-1 using the SISTEMA software tool.

Since the switch to Eplan P8 and Pro Panel, however, this goes far beyond the classic circuit diagram:

With the ability to create a 3-dimensional digital twin, we have taken a big step towards control cabinet construction 4.0 and can simplify or even completely eliminate some work steps in the downstream process, such as:

<i>Move to Eplan</i>

Move to Eplan

  • Advanced export of the I/O list
    • Import into the development environment of the PLC programmers, saves manual input
  • Structure of the control cabinet in 3D
    • Possible collision points overlooked in 2D are now detected at an early stage and can be eliminated
  • Export of drilling data
    • Import into the CAD software of our CNC machining center, saves manual drawing.
  • Extended export of the labeling sets
  • coming soon...

Of course, this requires increased care in the planning and creation of the ECAD data, and our CAD database also requires increased maintenance, but this effort pays off with the new possibilities.

This also creates the technical basis for the future and further steps towards control cabinet construction 4.0, in order to always remain at the cutting edge of technology, because standing still is falling behind.