Always up to date

Upgrading older machines with modern control technology offers a number of benefits that can help companies increase efficiency, save costs and extend the life of their existing equipment.

Your old machine up to date

The first advantage of retrofitting is that companies can keep up with technical progress without having to completely replace the existing machines. This can be especially beneficial if the machine is still operational but needs new features or functions due to changing requirements. By investing in modern control components, machines can be brought up to date with increased efficiency and an expanded range of functions.

Reduce repair costs

Modernization also helps to reduce the repair and maintenance costs often associated with old machines. Modern technologies are less prone to breakdowns than aging models, which means there is less need for service and maintenance. With new hardware and software, any problems that arise can usually also be rectified quickly and efficiently via remote access.

Increase efficiency

In addition to reducing maintenance costs, the modernization of the machines also helps to improve efficiency and productivity. New control systems provide greater accuracy and improved performance in terms of higher manufacturing output while increasing precision. By upgrading existing components with new technology, manufacturers can reduce downtime caused by failures or malfunctions and increase production at a lower cost of ownership.

Longer lifetime

Finally, retrofitting helps to extend the service life of existing plants by bringing them up to the latest state of the art. This ensures that companies remain competitive as their production processes remain safe and efficient in the long term.